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My name is Jerry Zaf Here is my Blog:

I’m a partner in the Finest Movers Group that is made of:
In my blog I will explain about local and long distance moving, Avoiding bad movers smart ways to research your movers, how to save on your move without risking the quality and will be happy to answer any quoins that any one will like to ask, so let’s start with the most interesting moving topic and that’s is Price!
Ok how much should we pay for a move? No one want to be taken to the cleaner, regardless if you are poor or reach, so how do you avoid paying way to much without risking dealing with bad movers? Aha! that’s is the quotation because that is how bad movers get you, they will give you the price you want to pay, it’s too good to pass, so you forget the research aspect, and just go with them. As a mover sometimes we get calls from customers that asking for a quote, and when we give them the quote they say wow! That’s way more than my other quote, and when I hear the price of the quote that they got I can see clearly that the price does not make since, the price it will hardly cover the fuel, and most of the times when we explains that to that person they usually don’t get convinced, and I can only guess how there move ends. The first thing in choosing a mover is the elimination process, if the price sound to low it’s probably a scam, if you get 3 quotes(witch is not enough in moving you should get at list 4-5 quotes)and one is $100 and the others are $200 you know that the cheaper one might be fake! Today trucks that use diesel make about 6 mile per gallon and a gallon is about $3.80, and let say the movers need to get to you and back every 6 miles will cost them $3.8 means that if they drive 40 miles the fuel will cost them $25, so let say if your job will take 5 hours and you have 2 movers and the company pays them(avg pay for a foreman is $12-$15 per hour and helper $10-$13 per hour)the cost for the company will be $165 so if you get an offer to move you for $150 or even $165 it does not make since! Company need to make some profit, the right price for this move will be more like $380-$450, don’t forget companies pay drive time for the movers and need to pay taxes insurances and many other expanses. So first lesson is get at least 4-5 quotes, if one or more is way low just let it go, you can kind of try to make your calculation how much the move will cost to know if the quote that you got can be real. Choosing the right movers
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